Corporate Websites: here are the main features that make them effective

Corporate Websites: here are the main features that make them effective

The common goal of all those who aim to create corporate websites, whether they are small and medium-sized companies or large commercial companies, is always to attract visitors and make them become customers. To achieve this, it is necessary to optimize the characteristics and effectiveness of websites by following a few, fundamental rules that we propose below.

Corporate Websites, main features: Web Marketing strategies and objectives

The first question that must be asked when designing the creation of a company website regards the objectives that the company activity has in fact, whether it sells services or products, the common need is to transform visitors into potential customers

The strategy, therefore, is the starting point in the creation of company sites regardless of the aesthetic beauty of the graphic design, because only after a careful analysis of competitors and the reference market can marketing activities be decided, perhaps with the help from qualified professionals.Knowing perfectly the profile of the “typical customer” is very important for the effectiveness of a marketing strategy aimed at increasing the efficiency of the company website. For this purpose, historical data on its customers are necessary, accompanied by a specialized use of tools such as Google Analytics or the Insights of social networks, which prove indispensable in the use of the necessary information and allow to: Scientifically design the main structure of the company website, from the homepage to the various pages of products, services, blogs etc. Optimize and adapt the web marketing strategies subsequent to the creation of the website, such as the sending of targeted newsletters or the writing of articles.

To complete, finally, this phase must take care of the positioning of the company website through the use of specific keywords localized with the help, perhaps, of an “SEO Specialist”, in order to bring the website to the top positions of the Google pages.

Company websites, main features: the importance of layout and graphics

The ability to attract visitors to the company website necessarily passes from the creation of the graphic assumptions that make it attractive and interesting to the first visual impact. Here, therefore, that among the main features of the website we can count:

The communicative clarity of the Layout and of the graphics that personalize the website in question must render without equivocation a precise and concrete corporate message such as to avoid any confusion in the user. The layout of the texts and the strategic location of the various graphic elements, including photos, videos, logos and certainly the colors, are definitely very important elements. The choice of an intuitive design aims to facilitate the user during navigation and aims, through a visual hierarchy of the routes, to better direct the choices of the various pages, favoring the desired content from time to time.

Company websites, main features: clear and persuasive content

An effective corporate website must contain, in addition to the aforementioned characteristics, clear, direct and above all persuasive content, in texts as in images. The result can be obtained always keeping in mind precise criteria concerning:

The accurate and passionate description of the advantages offered that stimulate positive emotions and feelings and that make the possible customer live an advantageous vision. You cannot be satisfied with a simple list of services or products!

The ability to speak to customers through content using storytelling. All this means involving the user making him feel part of the story through the sharing of needs and objectives on the basis of the benefits and skills offered but nevertheless on the care given to the needs. Storytelling does not aim to convince but to involve!

Company websites, main features: “Call to Action”, the use of recall strategies

In a company website it is essential to push visitors to do something actively and, therefore, through various strategies it is necessary to encourage users to become customers. You can invite to subscribe to a newsletter, or to request a quote, however, you can also offer personalized appointments or purely cognitive meetings and organize inspections. The need to establish contact with those who visit the company website can be resolved, through calls to actions, using the urgency of a reservation or exclusivity for events and promotions. These are the basic elements that can make effective the design and implementation of a corporate website that must always be dynamic, vital and updated if you want to achieve the desired results that aim to improve the business and increase the turnover.

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